The Last Kingdom S4 孤国春秋 第四季 1080P

The Last Kingdom S4 孤国春秋 第四季 1080P

Oct. 10, 2015
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Alexander Dreymon isUhtred of Bebbanburg
Uhtred of Bebbanburg
David Dawson isKing Alfred
King Alfred
Ian Hart isBeocca




主要内容:《孤国春秋》根据伯纳德·康威尔的《The Saxon Stories》改编,讲述了乌特雷德(亚历山大·德雷蒙)的故事,并遵循了传统维京人历史,以真实的历史为背景,虚构的故事情节展开全剧。本系列吸引人地讲述了9世纪晚期王国人民生活艰苦但仍然拥有不屈不挠的意志,他们长期为生存而抗击入侵的维京人,同时还努力为自己建立一个未来。

豆瓣 9.0分 IMDb 8.3分 78



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Alfred the Great

“Alfred I” and “King Alfred” redirect here. For the Bohemian nobleman, see Alfred I, Prince of Windisch-Grätz. For other uses, see Alfred the Great (disambiguation) and King Alfred (disambiguation).

Alfred the Great (Old EnglishÆlfrēd,[b] Ælfrǣd,[c] “elf counsel” or “wise elf”; 849 – 26 October 899) was King of Wessex from 871 to 899.

Alfred was the youngest son of King Æthelwulf of Wessex. His father died when he was young and three of Alfred’s brothers reigned in turn. Taking the throne after the death of his brother Æthelred, Alfred spent several years dealing with Viking invasions. After a decisive victory in the Battle of Edington in 878 Alfred made an agreement with the Vikings, creating what was known as Danelaw in the North of England. Alfred also oversaw the conversion of the Viking leader, Guthrum.

Alfred successfully defended his kingdom against the Viking attempt at conquest, and by the time of his death had become the dominant ruler in England.[1] He was also the first King of the West Saxons to style himself “King of the Anglo-Saxons“. Details of Alfred’s life are described in a work by the 9th-century Welsh scholar and bishop Asser.

Alfred had a reputation as a learned and merciful man of a gracious and level-headed nature who encouraged education, proposing that primary education be conducted in English rather than Latin, and improved his kingdom’s legal system, military structure, and his people’s quality of life. He was given the epithet “the Great” during and after the Reformation in the sixteenth century. The only other king of England given this epithet is Cnut the Great. In 2002, Alfred was ranked number 14 in the BBC’s poll of the 100 Greatest Britons.


Uhtred the Bold

In 995, according to Symeon of Durham, when the remains of St Cuthbert were transferred from Chester-le-Street to Durham, Uhtred went to Durham with his monks to clear the site of the new cathedral. The new cathedral was founded by Bishop Aldhun, and Uhtred married Aldhun’s daughter, Ecgfrida, probably at about this time. From his marriage he received several estates that had belonged to the church.

In 1006 Malcolm II of Scotland invaded Northumbria and besieged the newly founded episcopal city of Durham. At that time the Danes were raiding southern England and King Ethelred was unable to send help to the Northumbrians. Ealdorman Waltheof was too old to fight and remained in his castle at Bamburgh. Ealdorman Ælfhelm of York also took no action. Uhtred, acting for his father, called together an army from Bernicia and Yorkshire and led it against the Scots. The result was a decisive victory for Uhtred. Local women washed the severed heads of the Scots, receiving a payment of a cow for each, and the heads were fixed on stakes to Durham’s walls. Uhtred was rewarded by King Ethelred II with the ealdormanry of Bamburgh even though his father was still alive. In the meantime, Ethelred had Ealdorman Ælfhelm of York murdered, and he allowed Uhtred to succeed Ælfhelm as ealdorman of York, thus uniting northern and southern Northumbria under the house of Bamburgh. It seems likely that Ethelred did not trust the Scandinavian population of southern Northumbria and wanted an Anglo-Saxon in power there.

After receiving these honours Uhtred dismissed his wife, Ecgfrida, and married Sige, daughter of Styr, son of Ulf. Styr was a rich citizen of York. It appears that Uhtred was trying to make political allies amongst the Danes in Deira. Through Sige, Uhtred had two children, Eadulf, later Eadulf III, and Gospatric. This Gospatric’s grandson was the infamous Eadwulf Rus who murdered Bishop Walcher.[2]

In 1013 King Sweyn of Denmark invaded England, sailing up the Humber and Trent to the town of Gainsborough. Uhtred submitted to him there, as did all of the Danes in the north. In the winter of 1013 Ethelred was forced into exile in Normandy. After London had finally submitted to him, Sweyn was accepted as king by Christmas 1013. However he only reigned for five weeks, for he died at, or near, Gainsborough on 2 February 1014. At Sweyn’s death, Ethelred was able to return from exile and resume his reign. Uhtred, along with many others, transferred his allegiance back to Ethelred, on his return. Uhtred also married Ethelred’s daughter Ælfgifu about this time.

In 1016 Uhtred campaigned with Ethelred’s son Edmund Ironside in Cheshire and the surrounding shires. While Uhtred was away from his lands, Sweyn’s son, Cnut, invaded Yorkshire. Cnut’s forces were too strong for Uhtred to fight, and so Uhtred did homage to him as King of England. Uhtred was summoned to a meeting with Cnut, and on the way there, he and forty of his men were murdered by Thurbrand the Hold, with assistance from Uhtred’s own servant, Wighill and with the connivance of Cnut. Uhtred was succeeded in Bernicia by his brother Eadwulf Cudel. Cnut made the Norwegian, Eric of Hlathir, ealdorman (“earl” in Scandinavian terms) in southern Northumbria.



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The Last Kingdom S4 孤国春秋 第四季 1080P
The Last Kingdom S4 孤国春秋 第四季 1080P
The Last Kingdom S4 孤国春秋 第四季 1080P
The Last Kingdom S4 孤国春秋 第四季 1080P
The Last Kingdom S4 孤国春秋 第四季 1080P
The Last Kingdom S4 孤国春秋 第四季 1080P
The Last Kingdom S4 孤国春秋 第四季 1080P
The Last Kingdom S4 孤国春秋 第四季 1080P
The Last Kingdom S4 孤国春秋 第四季 1080P
The Last Kingdom S4 孤国春秋 第四季 1080P
原名 The Last Kingdom
首映时间 Oct. 10, 2015
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